‘When challenged, the parent will be become an angry creature, wailing and hissing their annoyance at being challenged over their dangerous parking’ - how a Cambs PCSO describes the school run

PCSO Jonathan Hall

PCSO Jonathan Hall - Credit: Archant

A PCSO has likened policing the school run to capturing feral cats.

In his regular blog, Cambridgeshire police community support officer Jonathan Hall said making sure parents were parking safely outside schools was like a “game of cat and mouse”.

PCSO Hall, based at Ely police station, said he used to work for the RSPCA and said that the most dangerous animals he had to deal with were “screaming and wailing” feral cats.

But he likened that experience to dealing with parents who parked too close to the school gates.

He said:

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“When I worked for the RSPCA one of the most frequently asked questions I was asked was: ‘what is the most dangerous animals you have had to deal with’.

“When I told them it was with out a doubt a cat, they would look very disappointed. A cat, what one of those cute, cuddly, purring softies? I would then tell them of my personal experiences of trying to catch an injured cat, usually a feral one and how crazy they would react.

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“A Feral cat would climb a wall, run along the ceiling (almost), screaming and wailing like the most terrifying creature from a horror movie. It would take me all my strength and cunning to get hold of the ferocious feline on the end of my Grasper, and place it into a pet carrier.

“These days I no longer deal with such incidents. Or so I thought. Now take a parent, they are normally cute, purring, very pleasant, easy going, they might even engage in a little chat.

But if the situation is right - such as the school run - a game of cat and mouse unfolds, the parent (not all) will pretend they have not seen you, as they park their car on double yellow lines, once parked the charade will continue, even if you stand next to the car, hoping your presence will resolve the situation.

“When challenged, the parent will be become an angry creature, wailing and hissing their annoyance at being challenged over their dangerous parking. It will take me all my strength to remain calm, as the Parent stares out from their metal box, with a look of pure hate. A look upon their face saying, I would splat you with one swipe of my paw! (if it was not illegal).”

PCSO Hall urged parents to walk to school, where possible, and reminded drivers that parking tickets were handed out for safety reasons.

He added: “I do not have a grasper these days, only a ticket book. And if there is no illegal parking, it stays in my pocket. And that gives us all a good feline.”

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