When Malcolm met Daphne: Couple who met on a bus in 1948 toast diamond wedding anniversary

HAPPY couple Malcolm and Daphne Reeve met by chance during a bus journey to Peterborough in 1948 - but this week they celebrated 60 years of marriage.

The great-grandparents, from Throckenholt, toasted their diamond wedding anniversary on Thursday with their two daughters, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Daphne, 82, said: “We met in 1948, on a bus going to the theatre in Peterborough. He was with his mum and I was with my mum. He asked if he could change seats and sit with me!”

The pair married four years later, after Malcolm, 81, had returned from his National Service. Malcolm then had a long career as a baker while Daphne worked as a cook at a farm.

They celebrated their diamond day with a meal out, presents from their family and a card from the Queen.

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And what is the secret behind 60 years of happily married life?

“I think you’ve got to agree with each other and have the same interests,” said Daphne. “Of course you have arguments, but you get over them.”

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