When will we get supermarket in Chatteris?

CAN you shed any light on the proposed new supermarket in Iretons Way, Chatteris?

Specifically, when can we expect work to start on it, when will it or will it actually open, and finally, what will it be? I’ve heard its Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, does anyone actually know? Are chatteris residents going to even be told at all? The last I heard was that Fenland Council were delaying things with petty access issues.

After all its not like we need a major supermarket or a major employer in the area as we are experiencing such major hardship and unemployment. Maybe some of these town planners could get jobs there if the council in its infinite wisdom makes them redundant in the cuts rather than slashing our precious services.

Finally, is it true the said supermarket will include a petrol station to give greedy Chatteris fuel retailers a bit of badly needed price competition.


Bemused Chatteris resident and grumpy old man

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