Where are the track clearing teams on the Bramley Line?

UPON reading the Wisbech Standard today and the letter from Peter Wakefield of Railfuture, I had to smile, as it seems now that neither Railfuture or the Bramley Line Trust are in contact with each other, let alone the Trust in contact with Joe Public.

When I first joined the Wisbech & March Bramley Line as it was when Peter Downs started it, there were many behind the project, with track clearing teams out most weekends, but where are they all now? Speaking with Network Rail, Peter and I were assured by the then manager, there was no chance of a public service returning into March.

Now, all of a sudden, while the Bramley Line remains somewhat secretive, Railfuture claim they have 650 residents who have now signed their petition.

If it comes off, who is going to turn out and run it? I won’t be holding my breath for an answer.


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