Where have all the geese and swans gone from Manea Pits?

AS a daily visitor to Manea Pits I was delighted to observe at the start of the breeding season at least nine pairs of geese that had successfully hatched out young. Each pair had at least four young and several had six.

Where have they all gone?

We are now left with two adult pairs and young. These are the more mature young but are still not yet capable of flight away.

I also observed the pair of swans that come every year also hatched out three cygnets and were proudly swimming the waters with them. They have also gone. Where?

Nature always takes some of the young - but not this number.

The adults have now also departed - they do not abandon their young. So what has happened here?

There are feathers about around the area but not in sufficient quantity to suggest the demise to fox activity.

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There are no carcass remains around or in the waters.

I am not a fisherman myself and am sometimes sceptical of the stories I hear from locals who are and talk of huge pike and even catfish in the Manea waters.

I now begin to wonder if some of these stories have an element of truth.

There must be a reason for the demise of so many young.

Can any of your readers offer an explanation?


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