Which side is Farage on? He should be supporting Prime Minister’s refusal to pay EU budget ‘top-up’

Reading the national Press, I am prompted to ask which side is Farage really on?

I refer to the demand that Britain pays £1.7billion into the black hole which is the EU budget by December 1; the EU executive terms this as a “top-up budget payment”.

David Cameron has heroically defended Britain saying that we will not pay.

The response, in a telephone phone-in for LBC Radio, by that professed Europhobe, Nigel Farage, was “of course we will pay up, these are the rules. There is nothing he (Cameron) can do”.

I am sure that many of you will agree when I say that Farage should be supporting Mr Cameron’s stand.

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Farage makes the most of having a MP in Westminster and dreams of increasing this number.

Will the British people, particularly those of us in Wisbech, vote for a party whose leader is a political turn coat?

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Dream on, Nigel, the people of Clacton voted for a man (Douglas Carsewel) they know and respect, not for UKIP.


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