Whispers of conspiracies, massive inconsistencies in rhetoric and actions and a painful legal battle looming

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IF some extra terrestrials were to land – let’s say along the Eastrea Road, Whittlesey- and were, let’s say, to encounter a passer by and to ask, let’s say, for an explanation of ‘supermarket-gate’……

Either the extra terrestrial would be so baffled by the response he would return home immediately for counselling or, more likely, self implode on the spot.

Such is the complexity of this issue that it is hard to keep oneself grounded as to what it is all about – which is quite simply the provision of a food store for the people of Whittlesey.

Of course it has become much more, perhaps symbolic in its way of the gradual descent into chaos of a planning structure that has, arguably, undervalued people’s confidence in local democracy. We see no easy resolution, no quick win, and only losers in next week’s meeting at Whittlesey to re hear previously approved applications.

It would be preposterous of us to argue the merits of a particular supermarket over another – and we won’t start doing so now.

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What our concern has been about has been the whispers of conspiracies, the massive inconsistencies in rhetoric and actions, and above all the sense – shared by our readers- that we are only at the beginning and not the end of excruciatingly painful legal battles.

Supermarketgate has stifled other work of the council, tarnished reputations and laid a heavy, dark cloud over the Fenland landscape.

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Next week is a step along the path to redemption. Let’s hope it is taken wisely.

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