Whitemoor inmate backs probe into “cosy relationship” between police and press

AN inmate inside Whitemoor Prison wants the Leveson Inquiry to investigate the “cosy relationship” between police and press that may have led to his photograph being sold illegally to the media.

“Before my own trial had begun a series of photographs of me that had been taken by the police were leaked to the media,” he says.

“At that time my solicitor told me that although this was illegal there was no realistic possibility of anyone being held accountable and that this sort of thing is extremely common.

“I know that similar things have happened to other prisoners and I think it is reasonable to say that we and our families have been affected by these issues far more than most because we are usually then labelled as monsters by the press.”

The prisoner, identified as M A Cooper, has made his views known through insidetime, a newspaper for prisoners and their families.

Cooper says he has been “observing the progress of the Leveson Inquiry with great interest.

“It is my understanding that the next phase will examine the relationship between the police and the press but I wonder if they will include the cosy relationship between police and press in criminal cases.”

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