Whitemoor remembers air crash victims 79 years on at memorial service

A service was held at HMP Whitemoor to remember those who lost their lives during an RAF training flight 79 years ago.

Six crew members and three additional staff from the 115 Squadron at RAF Marham died on November 24, 1941 when their Wellington Mk 1c Z8863 plane crashed into a marshalling yard at the March prison on November 24, 1941.

A memorial, planned by maintenance staff at the prison and nature reserve, has now been installed by Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL) to remember those who lost their lives.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a small service was attended by prison governor Ruth Stephens, Chaplin Paul Foster and GFSL site manager Mark Twiddy where a poppy wreath from HMP Whitemoor and an RAF roundel from the GFSL team were laid.

“We were hoping to do a full dedication of the memorial in September this year but, because of the current restrictions, we weren’t able to,” Mr Twiddy said.

“Hopefully, we will be able to do this next summer and invite relatives of those who died in the crash.

“The wall was built by GFSL staff with materials left over from the original build of Whitemoor and the plaque was purchased by the prison. It’s important to make sure these kinds of events are remembered.”