Jon serves up a painting fit for Her Majesty

Jon has sent Her Majesty his special piece of artwork

Jon has sent Her Majesty his special piece of artwork - Credit: Aliwal Manor

Residents of Aliwal Manor Care Home in Whittlesey have been preparing for the Queen’s upcoming platinum jubilee by making some arts, crafts and decorations to put up around their home. 

During a recent craft session, residents were given a variety of royal-themed templates, paints and decorative items to make some jubilee themed art. 

Jon decided to use a template of the Queen’s head his art piece. He placed this on a plain piece of paper and dabbed red and blue paint around the edge of it. He then removed the template to reveal a perfect picture of the Queen. 

Jon was really happy with how his idea turned out and the team was equally impressed with his creation.  

Sarah, who is a lifestyle coordinator at Aliwal Manor said, “This is fit for the Queen”, and suggested they sent the art to her majesty. Jon was initially sceptical and said, “I don’t think she will reply,” but went ahead with the idea in case she did! 

Jon is now eagerly checking the post each day to see if he receives a response.