Whittlesey councillors have wrong end of stick over St Mary’s flats

NOT for the first time it would seem our Whittlesey councillors have got the wrong end of the stick.

Elected representatives should always be judged on deeds not words. Simply to state agreement with the criticisms of the proximity of the flats to St Marys’ Church is not good enough.

Having served on the planning committee at Fenland District Council I have witnessed first hand the inability of councillors to understand the nature of planning law.

Historically the custodians of Whittlesey have failed to do the town justice. At various times they have been prepared to let the Buttercross fall into disrepair, build the telephone exchange adjacent to the church, construct the police station to a hideous design and rush through a leisure centre that has taken more than 30 years to gain any atmosphere.

It would appear that the latest batch of councillors are just as inept at ensuring the development of Whittlesey is in keeping with the towns past.

It is insufficient for councillors to state that they care, they must prove by their actions that they do care and that they understand that the fundamental basis of the planning system is land use.

It is not something that can be hijacked by either individuals or organisations.

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