Massive amount of waste fly tipped at Whittlesey leaves residents fuming

Glassmoor Bank, Whittlesey, and what is thought to be one of the worst cases of fly tipping in recen

Glassmoor Bank, Whittlesey, and what is thought to be one of the worst cases of fly tipping in recent times in Fenland, The district council has been notified and will investigate, Picture; CAMBS TIMES READER - Credit: Archant

Huge amounts of waste were dumped in part of Fenland today with many describing it as the worst case of fly tipping they’ve seen.

This mini waste mountain - spilling from dumped wooden crates - was spotted by a passer by at Glassmoor Bank, Whittlesey, this morning.

"I'm sure it would have been as much effort to take this to the dump (that is open today) rather than dumping it on Glassmoor Bank this morning," she said.

"I wish I'd seen who did this...did anyone see who did this?"

The photo was shared with the Whittlesey Community Facebook page with many comments expressing anger at the dumping.

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."The problem is that fly tipping is not policed enough," wrote one person. "Maybe if as much effort was put into fly tipping as they do for road closures things might change."

The woman who spotted the dumped waste has reported it to Fenland Council - some believe they culprits have left clues such as old invoices and letters to identify who it belongs to.

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However some people believe the problem of fly tipping has got worse since the county council introduced a permit scheme for vans using the household recycling centres.

"My biggest problem is the only vehicle I have is a van," said one comment. "I use the van for I can't even go to the tip like everyone else because I only get 12 visits a year."

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