Whittlesey is in more desperate need for railway crossing flyover than Ely

ON Teletext I read that Cambridgeshire County Council was considering funding for a flyover/bridge at Ely to relieve congestion at the railway crossing on the A142.

I find it incredible that this should apparently be taking preference over a bridge at the A605 King’s Dyke railway crossing near Whittlesey.

I use both routes regularly and the congestion and waiting time at King’s Dyke is far in excess of that at Ely. Cars do not even have a major problem at Ely - if the HGVs leave a gap cars can proceed without any delay.

Compare this with peak time queues at King’s Dyke in excess of a quarter of a mile.

As winter approaches and the Whittlesey Wash route to Peterborough becomes impassable through flooding these queues get infinitely worse.

The problems at King’s Dyke are not going to go away. This railway route is designated to get busier with the increased traffic in and out of Whitemoor (and I hear rumour that the sleeper operations currently at Dowmac Tallington may move there), the enhanced gauging of the Felixstowe-Nuneaton freight route and the dualling of the single track between Ely and Soham to allow even more frequent freight trains.

This extremely busy crossing is about to get busier.

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Many years ago, probably in the early 70s, I remember then councillor Mick Speechley promising a bridge there. What happened? Nothing yet and still waiting after 40 years.


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