Whittlesey Mayor hopes planned auctions re-invigorate town centre

THE Mayor of Whittlesey, Councillor Derek Stebbing, is hopeful that planned auctions in the town’s historic market square will “re-invigorate the town centre”.

Whittlesey Town Council and Fenland District Council are fully behind Laurence Seaton’s Buttercross Auctions that will be held on Friday September 25, October 15 and November 5.

Only items from members of the public will be auctioned off by Mr Seaton and Cllr Stebbing believes the whole town can benefit from the idea.

He said: “We want the market square area to be alive and this should really help.

“This auction can benefit a lot of people because those that come to the auction are also likely to use the shops and restaurants too.

“There are endless possibilities that can come from this if the events do well and people decide use our town centre more.

“Although this is a return to a more historical time when auctions were held in the market square this should really re-invigorate the town centre immensely.”

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Sales commence from 1pm on auction days with viewings available to potential buyers during the morning.

A range of items are welcomed for auction but all must be entered by noon at the latest to ensure they can be sold.

Organiser Laurence Seaton said: “There is a lot of interest about auctions at the moment with plenty of programmes like Bargain Hunt on TV so I think it will appeal to a lot of different people.

“Some people never get the chance to experience a live auction, especially an old fashioned ‘on the stones’ type, so I’m sure it will attract both bargain hunters and more serious collectors alike.”

For more information contact Laurence Seaton on 07713081526 or by e-mail at buttercross@hotmail.co.uk

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