Whittlesey pupils get water saving message from Captain Splosh

YOUNGSTERS at Alderman Jacobs School, Whittlesey, have been taking part in a series of workshops to help them learn about the importance of water.

Pupils enjoyed an assembly led by Neil Halliday and Jon Crisp of Anglian Water who were helped in getting their message across by Captain Splosh.

They were shown the difference between turning the tap off while brushing their teeth and leaving it to run when they visited the water bus, and in workshops they made models and had discussions on water conservation and waste reduction.

Pupils in years four, five and six (aged eight-11) created a spectacular waterfall and began a water audit of the school.

Mr Halliday commented: “We have had great fun at Alderman Jacobs School helping all of the children understand about drinking enough water and the importance of conserving water.”

The team also talked about saving water at home using the water saving kit. Families can access the programme to help save water, energy and money by applying online at www.anglianwater.co.uk/bitsandbobs or calling 0800 9755 567.

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