WHITTLESEY STORE WARS: Does Tesco know something we don’t? Site has already been cleared

RECENT press reports etc. would indicate that Tesco is increasing the pressure on Fenland District Council to grant planning permission at the Eastrea Rd site in Whittlesey.

Does it know something we don’t? As the site has already been cleared for possible development!

How refreshing it would be to see Sainsburys’s develop its site - I for one would prefer to see Tesco’s proposed development at Eastrea Rd thrown out. Fenland is more than catered for by Tesco.

I hope that Fenland’s planners accept Sainsbury’s plans and then we will see if Tesco does as it threatens and develop the Station Road site - I very much doubt it!

If it does, great - let Whittlesey have two large supermarkets. The competition would drive prices down.

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Please Fenland District Council, don’t be influenced by Tesco - it thinks it has a divine right to be everywhere.

What can Sainsbury’s offer? Just look at the fantastic new store in Ely.

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