As travellers descend on Whittlesey for a large funeral, police deny asking businesses to close for the day

Police issue categoric denial of asking Whittlesey businesses to close tomorrow (Thu) whilst the tra

Police issue categoric denial of asking Whittlesey businesses to close tomorrow (Thu) whilst the travelling community attend a funeral in the town. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Police have denied that they had advised businesses in Whittlesey to close today whilst a travellers’ funeral is taking place.

“I am aware that there are rumours circulating around the town about the possibility of disorder,” said Sergeant Richard Lugg..

“There are also rumours that the police have requested all businesses and licensed premises in the town to shut for the day.

“This is not true.”

He said: “There is likely to be some disruption to traffic flow as with any large funeral cortège.

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“Please be patient whilst this takes place and allow those attending to pay their respects.”

Sgt Lugg said they did not have the power to request or to force businesses to shut down.

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“Nor would we want to,” he said.

“Please be alive to the fact that there are a number of untruths being circulated in the community designed only to cause unnecessary alarm.”

Sgt Lugg also said that police were looking forward to the Straw Bear festival in the town this weekend.

“We wish those that are attending the Straw Bear to have a fun day and enjoy the spirit of the Whittlesey community at its finest,” he said.

“This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival.

“This event is run and managed extremely well every year by the event organisers.

“There will be a policing presence also, both during the day on Saturday and in the evening.”

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