Whole new world of experiences

Of all the wonderful, praiseworthy institutions, clubs, charities and interest groups that exist, I should like, through your pages, to mention one that I, as a pensioner trying to get a life back, have found invaluable.

That is the University of the Third Age (U3A).

At first, the word ‘university’ made me think of lecture halls, dissertations, hours of study etc but upon closer inquiry, I found this to be a total misconception.

Instead, I found upon wandering into one to the monthly meetings, a warm welcome and an introduction to a colourful notice board full of activities and interests, many of which I’d long forgotten I’d held and none of which included dreaded study hours.

There are many reasons why people join community groups, Mine was loneliness after loss and a need to overcome a reserve born of years of being virtuarlly housebound. Through U3A, I found friendship, stimulation, a sense of belonging and a new life.

For the retired and semi-retired - couples, singles, divorced, widowed whatever - just Google ‘U3A’ and a door to life after work will open on to choices as varied as the British weather.

We look forward to meeting everyone.

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