Why I didn’t respond to your reader’s letter about old Post Office development, Whittlesey

IN your recent letter pages Mr Davis wrote to suggest I had agreed to flats being built in the old Post Office yard, Whittlesey, and to suggest I did not respond to his e-mail as his MP.

This is not a development I support and I would like to clarify two points. Firstly, as a Member of Parliament I do not decide individual planning applications. These are matters for Fenland District Council and local district councillors.

Secondly, whilst I responded on the same day as receiving Mr Davis’ e-mail, he is not my constituent because he lives in Thorney and his Member of Parliament is therefore Stewart Jackson MP.

It is for that reason that I did not respond in detail. Members of Parliament have a strict convention that they do not act for another Member’s constituents.

I agree with Mr Davis regarding the concern he has expressed about this development. Regrettably, this is not my decision to take.


Via e-mail

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