Why you can expect a committee system to be a much more democratic way of working

For many years the Cambridgeshire County Council (with a huge Conservative majority) was run by the Cabinet system.

This system consisted of ten Conservative councillors; these ten good men called the shots, they made the rules. It was the way!

And it appeared to be a functioning body that worked, and because they were in charge, it had the face of legitimacy.

After last May’s elections the Conservative councillors found to their dismay they no longer had a majority. Consequently very soon after there was a motion presented to full council that a change from the cabinet to a committee system would be more democratic.

The Conservatives did not like the idea, they took expensive advice but to no avail. The Committee system was voted into being, and it will change next May.

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There will be committees set up with no overall majority of one political party, a much more democratic way of working.

We can all expect things to run in a better way from next May.

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ALAN LAY (Councillor)


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