Wife assaulted by husband says she no longer feels safe in her own home

A WIFE who was accused of being lazy before being assaulted by her husband no longer feels safe in her own home, a court was told.

Mark Alden told his wife to leave -- and during an attack he grabbed her by the shoulders, grabbed her head and squeezed it, and then dragged her into the hallway by her head.

“He is thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour and wants the relationship to continue,” solicitor Ian Graham told Fenland magistrates.

The court ordered a pre-sentence report and ordered Alden to stay with his father in High Side, Parson Drove, until a court hearing on October 20.

Alden, 51, formerly of Southwell Close, March, admitted assaulting his wife of 11 years on September 28.

“He called her lazy and said she did not do enough for him,” said prosecutor Scheherazade Haque.

“He said she should leave. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her towards the door in the kitchen; she slid down the door. As she sat on the floor, the defendant grabbed her head and squeezed it. He then picked her up by the head and dragged her into the hallway.”

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Alden tipped up a table, spilling a cup of coffee, added Miss Haque. Officers called to the scene found the woman’s blouse ripped, she had a small cut behind the ear, scratches on her shoulder, and swollen knuckles.

“She does not feel safe in her own house,” added Miss Haque.

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