Will you pay extra to keep your street lights on throughout the night? That’s the question Wisbech Town Council will ask its residents

Wisbech view . Picture: Steve Williams.

Wisbech view . Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

A town council is asking its residents if they would pay extra to keep their street lights on throughout the night.

Cambridgeshire County Council hopes to save £272,000 a year by switching off lights across the county from midnight to 6am.

Now Wisbech Town Council is to ask residents if they would be willing to fork out £18,000 – its portion of the £272,000- to keep them working normally.

A town council working group came up with the idea on Monday, suggesting that the £18,000 would cost households from £1.95 to £5.82 a year depending on their property band.

Councillor Steve Tierney said: “I can’t know what full council might eventually decide.

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“The motion to be consulted on was to keep all the lights on and all the people in the working party meeting agreed that also.” The group consists of Councillors Sam Hoy, Mike and Virginia Bucknor and David Hodgson, the mayor.

Cllr Tierney said: “We have all agreed not to lead the public on which decision to take and to stay apolitical about it wherever possible in order to get a neutral consultation result.

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“Obviously, many of us have expressed our opinions already, but its important that anybody filling this form consider the options and choose what you think is best - regardless of what any of us think.”

The county council says that 1,449 street lights would be affected in Wisbech and has asked the town council if it would be prepared to contribute for the next financial year beginning in April.

The cost of full operation of the lights is £12 per light per year, plus an annual administrative charge of £65. The total cost for 2016/17 would be £17,403.00.

Residents are being asked for their views. For information and to take part in the survey visit the council website for what this would cost your band of household. http://www.wisbechtowncouncil.org.uk/streetlightssurvey.html.

The deadline for your views is 5pm on September 25.

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