Resident baffled after landing suspicious parking notice

Fake parking notice in Wimblington

Penny Whitwell was landed with a parking notice, which Huntingdonshire District Council said it does not recognise, for parking in her usual place (inset). - Credit: Penny Whitwell

A resident has been left confused after being slammed with a parking notice outside her home, despite having no parking issues before. 

Penny Whitwell found what seemed to be a parking notice on the windscreen of her car, which was parked in her usual place at her home in Wimblington on November 13. 

“We all have our designated parking spaces, and my car was parked in my space,” said Penny. 

“It states on the deeds to this house that that’s where my parking space is when the notice was put on the windscreen of my car.” 

The notice, which included the logo of Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC), read Penny’s parking space is “not a designated parking bay” and told to “use car parks and bays provided in future”. 

Hunts District Council parking notice in Wimblington, Cambs

Penny Whitwell was issued with this parking notice, telling her that her usual spot is "not a designated parking bay". - Credit: Penny Whitwell

It also stated that “failure to do so may result in a fine imposed as stated on signs displayed”. 

This made Penny grow suspicious as to whether the notice was fake. 

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“The notice says it’s from HDC but we’re under Fenland District Council,” she said. 

“It says about parking signs which, from those who live here have said, there are no parking signs nearby at all. 

"As far as I’m aware, I’ve not heard of that happening in Wimblington before.” 

Parking bay in Wimblington, Cambs

Penny Whitwell said she has not had any issues parking in her usual bay before. - Credit: Penny Whitwell

Penny has spoken to Fenland District Council who she said the council has no link to this parking notice. 

A HDC spokesperson said it does not recognise the notice and has not received reports of other similar parking notices. 

They said: “All of our parking notices would contain our contact information.  

“But if residents do have any concerns about the legitimacy of a parking notice they receive, we would encourage them to get in contact with us.” 

Penny said her landlord has confirmed the parking space in question is allocated to her house. 

It is unknown who may have created or targeted the parking notice to Penny’s car, but she feels the public should be vigilant in case a similar situation happens to them. 

“My car doesn’t block anybody’s gate, driveways, doors; it doesn’t block anything at all, so I was just really confused by it all,” added Penny. 

“It could be something totally harmless, but at the same time, part of me thought maybe somebody was wanting me to park my car more publicly."

Fenland District Council has been approached for comment.