Wimblington Road in March to get 30mph speed limit

Wimblington Road.

Wimblington Road. - Credit: Archant

The speed limit of a notorious stretch of road near Neale-Wade Academy will be reduced to 30mph after Christmas.

The 40mph section of Wimblington Road in March will be reduced to 30mph but the 60mph stretch of road, for the minute, will remain the same.

Town Clerk Clive Lemmon said: “We (March Town Council) have been told by Cambridgeshire County Council that planning has started and the speed limit change should be implemented after Christmas.

“There is currently a 40mph speed limit running into where there’s a school. Everyone tells us you are more likely to survive an accident at 30mph than 40mph. It is better to pre-empt than wait for two or three accidents to happen.”

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