WIN! Tickets to Joe Pasquale’s latest show at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange

WE have teamed up with the organisers of Joe Pasquale’s latest tour to offer three pairs of tickets to his gig at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange in a competition.

With the passing of the Summer Solstice, it is now perhaps time to tune into your psychic powers. And who better to help you than comedian Joe Pasquale.

Joe is part-way through his ESP – Extra Sensory Pasquale - tour of the UK, which is taking in 33 towns and cities.

In the Chinese year of the Tiger, Joe has been honing his psychic skills with the legendary Zen Master, The Emperor Wang (otherwise known as Kevin Bloss).

Joe brings his tour to King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Friday November 5 - where he will open his third eye and engage the audience in amazing experiments that will answer age-old questions like: why do we only use 28 per cent of our brain power while the other 31 per cent lays dormant, and why do birds suddenly appear… every time you are near?

Discussing the ESP tour Joe said: “I’ve always been quite intrigued by that sort of thing and the way mind readers use it – but I really just take the mick out of it and people love it.

“To be honest it’s not something I really believe in, although when I was in the Scouts we used to go around collecting jumble and we got a lava lamp and a Ouija Board from one lot.

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“Me and my mate Kevin and some others went into a church and contacted a ghost called Colin, which was a bit spooky, but we don’t know if it was real or just somebody pushing the board around! We quickly got rid of the board and put it back in the jumble.”

Extra Sensory Pasquale is a show for all the family, even those separated at birth who have now found each other after many years and then realised they can’t stand each other.

And just to confirm the suitability of the show - here’s a quote from eminent Austrian psychic, Professor Alf Wiedersehn: “I saw Joe in TK Max - Legendary Stuff.”

• For a special Q&A with Joe Pasquale, click the link at the top of this page.

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