Wind turbine given the go ahead for farm at Tydd St Giles

Fenland District Council

Fenland District Council - Credit: Archant

Fenland District Council used “unreasonable behaviour” when refusing planning permission for a wind turbine on a farm on the outskirts of Wisbech, according to a report.

The council has been ordered to pay costs after permission was granted by the Secretary of State following an appeal.

The go-ahead was given for a wind turbine at the farm in Tydd St Giles in 2006 but six years later, in October 2012 ,a renewed application for an installation in almost the same spot but nine metres higher was turned down.

Owners of the farm took the case to appeal and have won the right to install the turbine at their farm at Bythorne Bank.

They plan to use the energy generated on their farm and feed any excess into the National Grid.

Inspector J P Watson said in a report that: “I have found unreasonable behaviour by the Council in respect of matters I have listed...that behaviour caused the applicant to incur unnecessary expense in the appeal process.”

The applicant is now invited to put in a request to the council for costs.

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Fenland District Council gave permission for a 20 metre high wind turbine in November 2006 on land south west of Nutwalk Farm.

A new application for a slightly higher installation was turned down last year.

The turbine, which has now been given the green light, will be sited in an arable field a short distance to Bythorne Bank which is some 430 metres away from the nearest house.

The site inspector said there was no noise or visual issues to refuse the turbine.

No property fell within the shadow flicker zone.

Grade I listed Guanock House, set in formal gardens 2.5km away and Park House grade II listed house 905 metres away were not felt to suffer negative visual impact from having a wind turbine built nearby.

The turbine must be built within three years and may only remain in place for 25 years from the date the rotor is first mounted on the turbine hub at the site.

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