Wind Turbine Support Motivated by Money

THE wind turbines story is bedevilled with problems and vested misinformation: apart from the Government Will, the various groups that oppose or support the scheme are, mostly motivated by huge quantities money.

The ordinary citizen cannot make an informed decision, in favour or against it, because, by and large, the information received (wind speeds in favour and against, frequency, duration etc) is biased by one or the other faction. As with the “climatic change saga” the data if and when available have been doctored or published in a non comprehensible way.

I have critically observed, locally and elsewhere in England, various wind farms both on and off-shore and noticed that generally they revolve at very low speeds, often erratically: some turbines only out of a group are not working and, naturally, wondered why.

In general terms I think that the concept of wind power is good but the antagonism to the idea comes from density of the various farms, the ugliness and the under-hand methods used to impose these constructions on the community.

With regard to the problem of noise am not able to comment as my hearing is now, regrettably, reduced but probably derives from poor or not sufficiently refined aerodynamic design. This, in a marine environment might not matter but of course on land it is another matter.

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Enough for now, these are some of my observations. I will, certainly, endeavour to visit the Boat House on the 2nd February 2011 as the whole of the conservation issue has greatly interested me for many years.


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