Windfarm Debate

WINDFARMS at Turves and Staffurth’s Bridge? How many more of these over-rated monsters do we have to have?

Judging by the productive inadequacy of thousands of wind farms in the country, quite a lot apparently.

We have more than enough wind farms in the Fens to remind us of the harm they inflict on the region’s unique aesthetic ambience.

An official statement by Renewable Energy bares the bones of the Wind Farm Lobby and declares that relying on wind power will in future lead to higher prices for consumers. It recognises that conventional power, ie nuclear and fossil fuelled generating stations, will always be necessary.

During the recent exceptionally cold weather national wind farm capacity fell to 5.8 per cent, because most of the country’s turbines were becalmed. At best they operate at only 24 per cent. Benefits strongly favour turbine producers and recipients of site hiring fees.

Billions of pounds will have to be found to build conventional power stations and we do need them. The former government dragged its heels and the present Coalition administration is delaying making a decision to lay down foundations for new generating power plants now rather than relying on additional energy from foreign sources. Economic cuts should not enter into the question.

As for the so-called “green” preachers. Why do they not concentrate their views on tidal surge for powering generators? Tides are practically continuous and power at source free and reliable. Development costs would be great but benefits in domestic and industrial terms highly beneficial.

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Enough has been said about wind turbines. They are being seen as an invalid argument.

Fenland District Council’s intention to block further development is justified. I hope the Secretary of State will see good reason to endorse the council’s decision.


St Peter’s Road


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