Wisbech campus helps 60 migrant workers successfully get to grips with the English language

English language success by Wisbech college at Cornerways Nursery

English language success by Wisbech college at Cornerways Nursery - Credit: Archant

After a ten week English language course delivered by the College of West Anglia Isle campus, Wisbech, over 60 workers from Cornerways Nursery in Stoke Ferry have received their certificates of completion.

At an award ceremony held at the nursery, tutors and nursery management gave praise to the staff and their achievements.

Every year Cornerways employs migrant workers from across Europe and the initiative was driven by the employees really wanting to learn the local language, to improve both their work performances and also their social integration

Tutor Adrian Smith of CWA’s Isle Campus said “In a very short time, with hard work and dedication, all the workers showed how much they had improved their English language skills. This is hopefully something which will benefit them in both their professional and private lives”.

The employees received an hour and a half of bespoke ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) training each week after their working shift, in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The nursery which is British Sugar’s award-winning horticulture business and produces around 140 million ‘eco-friendly’ tomatoes each year. The glass houses benefit from its location close to the Wissington sugar factory, directly receiving heat and carbon dioxide which helps the tomato plants to thrive.

Cornerways HR Administrator, Natalia Hillyer said “We are so pleased to see our workers develop in their English skills so quickly. Cornerways has really benefited from this successful collaboration with CWA”.

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The course has been highly successful and Cornerways is looking to continue running more courses in the future.