Wisbech garage steps in to save former RAF soldier’s epic Big Lift challenge

Ben Greer receives the keys for the car at Thurlow Nunn, Wisbech.

Ben Greer receives the keys for the car at Thurlow Nunn, Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

A WISBECH garage has played its part in a former RAF soldier’s remarkable charity trek.

Ben Greer is walking for 440 miles with 100kg on his back as part of the Big Lift challenge, which has so far raised more than £31,000 for armed forces charities.

He was dealt a major blow when the car he uses broke down and could not be fixed in time for the final leg of the challenge.

But Thurlow Nunn, Wisbech, stepped in and saved the day by offering to lend Ben a car free of charge for the final 12 days of the challenge.

Angela Ritchie, Big Lift challenge coordinator, said: “Thurlow Nunn has been amazing. Our car broke down yesterday afternoon and, since we are a charity, we don’t have the funds to repair it.

“They stepped in at short notice and gave us one for nothing.

“We hope to walk in 100 different locations around the UK and want to raise money and awareness with every step.”

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Ben was a Chinook helicopter crewman who completed six tours of Afghanistan between 2006-2010.

He said: “I had the pleasure of serving alongside some of the best young men and women I have ever met.

“Afghanistan has not left yet me. Not because I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but because whilst I sit at home in the comfort of my living room I am aware of the price paid for what we have here.

“For those who stayed behind and have lost loved ones Afghanistan will never leave.

“That is why I am walking a mile for every British service person who died in Afghanistan; currently sitting around 440.

“Each mile though will be done with 100kg, the weight of a combat soldier in fighting kit, on my back to simulate evacuation from the battlefield.”

To find out more about the Big Lift challenge go to www.thebiglift.co.uk