Wisbech Grammar School grades are impressive says head Nicholas Hammond

HIGH-flying GCSE students at Wisbech Grammar School have been celebrating a string of first-class results.

More than half of the passes – 56 per cent – were at the top two grades of A* and A and 12 pupils obtained a clean sweep of A* and A grades in all their subjects.

The overall pass rate at A* to C was 94 per cent, with 97 per cent of pupils gaining five or more passes at A* to C, and the percentage of students achieving the top two grades matched last year’s top-class performance.

Headmaster Mr Nicholas Hammond said: “We are delighted with this year’s results and all of our year 11 pupils should feel proud of what they have achieved during their two years of study.

“Small class sizes at GCSE and a talented set of teachers have allowed our pupils to unlock their potential and gain these impressive grades. Now that the wait for results is over, we hope that they can relax before returning to school to enjoy a brand new sixth form centre.”


GCSE Results - Summer 2010

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Subject codes:


A&D Art & Design FN Food & Nutrition

A&DT Art & Design:Textiles G Geography

B Biology Gm German

C Chemistry Gu Gujarati

Ch Chinese H History

D&TRM Design & Technology: Resistant Materials M Mathematics

E English Mu Music

EL English Literature P Physics

F French Sp Spanish

The following passes are in A*, A, B and cC grades only. 97% of pupils achieved five or more passes at GCSE.

Fifth Form * = Grade A ** = Grade A*

Amber Allen En, EL, M, B, F, A&DT*, Mu

Jack Bingley En, EL**, M**, C*, F *, D&TRM*, G*, Gm*, H*

Alice Blyth En, EL*, M*, A&D, B, C*, F*, Gm, H

Hannah Booth En, EL*, M*, A&D**, B, A&DT**, G*, H*

Madeleine Boulton En*, EL**, M*, B*, C**, F, FN**, G*, H*

Harriet Brown En*, EL**, M*, B*, C*, F*, Gm*, H**, Sp*

Benjamin Bullock En, EL, M**, B*, C*, D&TRM*, F, G*, P*

Francis Carruthers En, EL, M*, B, C, D&TRM*, Gm, H, P

Melody Cheung En*, EL*, M*, Ch**, B, A&DT**, F*, Gm*, H*, Mu*

Harvey Clark En, EL, M*, B*, C, F, H, P**

Daniel Courten En, EL, M**, B, C*, D&TRM*, G, P*, Sp

Harry (Alex) Culley En*, EL*, M**, B*, C*, D&TRM*, Gm*, H, P**

Timothy Digby En, EL, M*, B**, C*, G*, Gm, H, P*

Lucy Elderfield En*, EL**, M**, A&D**, C*, G**, Gm, H*, P**

Thomas Fowler En, EL*, M, B, C*, D&TRM, F, G, P*

Guy France En*, EL*, M**, C, F*, Gm, H*, P**, Sp

Matthew Gaskin En, EL*, M**, C, G, Gm, H*, Mu, P

Hannah Gedge En**, EL**, M**, B*, C*, A&DT**, G*, Gm, H**

Katie Glover-Leach En*, EL*, M*, A&D*, F, G, Gm, H**, P

Hope Godfrey En, EL, M, B, G, D&TRM*, H, A&DT,

Chelsie Golding En, EL*, M*, B, C, FN*, G*, Gm, H

Samuel Golding En*, EL**, M*, A&D*, G*, D&TRM**, Gm, H, P

Ben Gordon En, EL*, M*, B*, C*, F, Gm*, H, P

James Harriman En*, EL*, M**, C**, F*, FN*, Gm*, H**, Sp**

Vincent Hart En*, EL*, M**, B*, C**, F*, G**, H*, P**

Georgina Hay En*, EL*, M**, A&D**, B**, C**, G**, Gm, P**

Ciaran Hodkinson En, EL, M*, B*, C, G, Gm, P, Sp

Harley Hollis En, EL, M*, B, C, D&TRM*, Gm, H, P

Nathan Hook EL, B, FN, Gm, H, D&TRM,

Niall Jacka En*, EL, M*, A&D*, B*, C**, G, Gm, P

Victoria Jordan En*, EL*, M**, C*, F*, A&DT**, G, Gm*, H*

Liam Knight En, EL, M*, B*, C, FN*, G*, P*

Susanna Lemon En*, EL*, M**, A&D**, C**, F*, FN*, G*, P*

James Maile En*, EL, M**, A&D, FN, D&TRM, G, Gm, P*

Fiona Massen En, EL, M*, A&D, B, C, G, Gm, H*

Alice Meekins En**, EL**, M**, A&D**, C**, A&DT**, Gm*, H**, Sp*

Brad-Lewis Mortimer En, EL, M, A&D, F, D&TRM, G, Gm

Charlotte Nichols En*, EL*, M*, A&D**, C, D&TRM*, G, Gm, H

Alexander Owen En, EL, M**, B*, C*, F, G*, Gm, P

Connor Pickett En, EL, M**, A&D*, C, D&TRM*, G, Gm, P*

James Plumb En, EL*, M**, B*, C*, G*, Gm, H*, P*

Mitchell Plumb M, A&D, D&TRM

Callum Price En, EL, M, B, C, D&TRM

Benjamin Retchless En**, EL**, M**, A&D**, G, D&TRM*, Gm, H*, P*

Charlotte Rodwell M, A&DT*

Polly Rosier En*, EL*, M**, A&D**, C*, A&DT*, G, Gm, H*

Aseem Sharma En**, EL**, M**, B**, C**, G**, H**, P**, Sp**, Gu*

Luke Skeels En, EL, M*, A&D*, B, C, G, P

Shannon Slender En, EL*, M, B, C, A&DT**, G, Gm, P

Gregory Stephenson En, EL, M*, A&D, B**, C**, F, G, P**

Kayleigh (Rachael) Stevenson En, EL, M*, B, F, A&DT**, G, Gm, P

Benjamin Tarratt En, EL*, M*, B*, C*, G*, Gm, H*, P*

Christian Tawfick En, EL, A&D, D&TRM, A&DT

Kara-Jayne Thorpe En*, EL*, M**, B*, C*, F*, G*, H**, Sp*

Jack Thulborn En, EL*, FN, G*, H, D&TRM*, P,

Emma Tigchelaar En*, EL**, M, A&D*, B*, A&DT*, Gm*, H*, Sp*

Joshua Timms En, EL*, M**, C**, F*, G*, Mu*, P**, Sp*

Elle Titmarsh En, EL*, M*, B, G*, D&TRM*, H, P

Georgina Wearing En*, EL*, M**, B*, C**, D&TRM*, G**, Gm*, P**

Alice Wharf En, EL, M, A&D, FN, A&DT*

Joe Wickison En, EL, M*, C, F, D&TRM**, G, H*, P

Alice Wong En**, EL**, M**, B**, F*, G**, H**, Mu*, P*

Rebecca Wood En**, EL*, M**, B*, C*, G*, Gm*, H*, P**

Samuel Wood En**, EL*, M, B*, C*, A&DT*, G*, Gm, H**

Charlie Wright En, EL*, M, A&D, F, D&TRM*, G, H, P

William Yendley En, EL, M, B*, C, G, Gm, H, P

Joshua York En**, EL*, M**, B**, C**, F*, Gm*, H**, P**

Fourth Form GCSE entries 2010

Claudia Barrasso M*

Melissa Barwick M**

Daniel Blackwell M**

Jessica Bullock M*

Matthew Coleman M**

James Collett M**

Sophie Culshaw M**

Lawrence Everett M**

Callum Gurbutt M**

Jack Hutson M**

Jonathan Ison M**

Dipak Karavadara M**

Robert Matthews M**

Laura Mitchell M*

Gavin Moreton M**

Sam-Henry Pressling M**

Thomas Rayns M**

John Redwood M**

Jamie Sheldrick M**

Holly Tibbles M**

Jessica Tolliday M**

Kieran Varma M**

Lily Whitworth-Biehler M**

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