Wisbech Grammar School students celebrate 50 per cent GCSE passes at A* or A grades

Wisbech Grammar School pupils celebrate their results with a specially baked cakes.

Wisbech Grammar School pupils celebrate their results with a specially baked cakes. - Credit: Archant

STUDENTS at Wisbech Grammar School notched up a raft of high grades in the GCSE examinations.

Half of the passes were at the A* and A Level, with particularly strong performances in maths and science subjects, and 17 pupils achieved nine or more A* and A grades.

Headmaster Nicholas Hammond said: “This is an excellent performance by Wisbech Grammar School pupils, who have been ably assisted by their teachers.

“Whilst we are delighted with the performance of the 17 high achievers, congratulations are also due to the many students who secured their personal targets.

“As well as performing with distinction in the exam hall, this group of young people has also achieved much in other areas of school life. We look forward to them continuing their education with similar success in the future.”

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Details of results:

Subjects: A&D, art and design, A&DGG, art and design, graphics; A&DT, art and design, textiles; B biology; C chemistry; Ch Chinese; D&TRM design and technology’ E English; EL English Literature; F&N food and nuitrition; ICT, information and communications technology; F French; G geography; Gm German; H history; M mathematics; Mu music; P physics; PE physical education; Psy psychology; RS religious studies; Sp Spanish.

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Passes A*-C only, * denotes A grade; ** denotes A* grade.

Hassan Ahmed; E, EL, Gm, M, H, G, C, D&TRM, B, PE Lara Allpress; E, EL, Sp*, M*, H**, A&D**, A&DT**, C*, F*, ICT Nicole Almond; E, EL, F, M**, P*, G*, C, D&TRM*, A&DT** Charlotte Arnill; E*, EL, Gm*, M, B, G, C, F&N, A&DT*, PE Willis Bennett; E*, EL*, Sp, M*, P*, G**, C*, D&TRM*, A&D, PE* Claire Billingham; E*, EL*, Gm, M**, P**, G**, A&DT*, C**, B** Katherine Bone; E*, EL**, Gm, M*, H**, A&D**, A&DT**, F&N, B*, PE Rose Brindle; E, EL, Gm, M, P, H*, Mu, C*, F, Psy Cesca-Nicole Brindley; E**, EL*, Gm, M, H**, F&N, B, PE Charley Brown; E**, EL**, Gm**, M**, P**, H**, C**, F&N**, B**, Psy* Harry Brown; E, EL, Gm, M*, P*, H*, G, C*, B** Brodie Brownlow; E, EL, F, M, A&DT, Gm, A&D James Bunning; E, EL, M, P, G, C, D&TRM, A&D, PE Calum Burrows-McGill; E, EL, B, M, P, H, PE Adrienne Burt; E, EL, A&D, M, H, G, A&DT** Bianca Calleja; E*, EL*, Sp**, M*, P*, H*, C**, Gm*, B**, Psy** Eleanor Caton; E, EL*, Gm, M, B, H, C, F&N, A&DT*, PE Elliot Collingwood-Smith; E*, EL*, Gm*, M**, P**, H**, G*, C**, B**, PE* George Collison; E*, EL, Sp*, M**, B**, H*, C**, P**, D&TRM*, ICT* Edward Curl; E**, EL*, Gm, M**, P**, H*, C**, F&N*, B**, PE** Jack Dady; E, EL*, M*, P*, H*, G*, C*, B* Bridey de Jong-Daly; E*, EL*, Gm, M, B, H, G, C, D&TRM, Psy Iva Divkovic; E, EL*, F*, M, B, H*, G*, C*, A&D*, Psy* Caroline Dix; E*, EL**, F*, M**, H**, G**, Mu*, P**, A&DT*, Psy** Kelsey Dring; E**, EL*, F, M*, H**, A&D*, A&DT*, Gm*, B*, Psy* Samuel Eales; E, EL, F, M*, P**, H, G, C*, D&TRM*, ICT* Brodie Ellis; E, EL*, Gm, M*, H**, G*, C, D&TRM, B, ICT* Ronnie Exall; E, EL, Gm, M, H, G*, C, D&TRM, B Joel Fitzsimmons; E*, EL*, Gm, M, P, H, Mu*, C, D&TRM*, Psy Freddy Foreman; E, EL*, Gm, M, B, A&D*, G*, F&N, D&TRM*, PE* Ian Gitonga; E**, EL**, Sp**, M**, B**, G**, C**, P**, D&TRM**, Psy* Charlie Golding; E, EL, Gm, M, B, H, G, F&N, D&TRM, PE* Thomas Hall; E, EL, Gm, M, P*, H*, G, C*, D&TRM Samuel Horvath; E, EL*, Gm, M*, P*, G*, Mu*, F&N*, D&TRM*, ICT* Samuel Hughes; EL, M, A&D, B, PE Joanna Hutler; E, EL*, Gm, M, P, H*, Mu, D&TRM, A&DT**, PE* Rakhee Keshwara; E, EL**, Sp*, M, B, H**, G*, C, A&D Anas Khan; E*, EL**, Sp*, M**, P**, G**, C**, D&TRM**, B**, PE** Andrew Lee; E*, EL*, Sp*, M**, P*, H**, Mu*, Gm**, F*, ICT* Lauren Mounfield; E, EL*, Sp**, M*, B*, H**, G, C**, F**, Psy Thomas Mounfield; E, EL, Gm, M**, P*, H*, G, C*, F*, Psy Rhiannon Mundy, E, EL, A&DT*, F&N Alexandra Norman; E, EL, Gm, M, B, H, Mu*, C, D&TRM, ICT Georgina Norman, E, EL, Gm, M, H, Mu, C, B Jessica Nurse; E, EL, A&DT*, F&N, H, PE Olivia O’Connor; E*, EL*, Sp*, M, B, H*, G, Gm*, F*, PE Zoe Olive; E*, EL*, Gm, M**, H, G*, C**, P*, B*, ICT Camilla Plumb; E*, EL*, Gm, M*, P**, H**, G*, C*, B*, ICT Patrick Reeve; E, EL, Gm, M, H*, G, C, F&N, D&TRM, PE* Jessica Retchless; E, EL, A&DT, M, B, G, D&TRM, A&DG, ICT Benjamin Ritchie; E, EL, A&DT, M, H, PE Patrick Rusman; E**, EL*, Gm**, M*, P**, H*, G**, C*, D&TRM**, PE** Isobel Russell; E, EL*, F*, M*, P**, G**, A&DT*, C**, B** Gurveen Sangha; E, EL*, Gm*, M, P, H, C, D&TRM, B, Psy Lucy Setchfield; E, EL*, F, M, B, H, G, Gm, A&DT, PE Cameron Sheldrick; E, EL*, Gm, M**, P*, H*, C**, D&TRM, B*, Psy Georgia Spencer; E**, EL*, Gm*, M**, P**, A&D*, G*, C**, B**, ICT** William Spires; E, EL, F, M*, P, H, Mu, C*, D&TRM, ICT* Hannah Tipping; E, EL*, A&DT, M, H*, G, F&N, B, PE* Ross Titmarsh; E, EL, F, M*, P**, G*, C**, D&TRM, B*, ICT* Harriet Tooke; E, EL, A&DT, M, F&N, Psy Selina Tsang; E, EL*, F**, M**, P**, G**, C**, Gm**, B*, Ch**, ICT* Andrew Turner; E*, EL**, Gm**, M**, H**, G**, C**, P**, F*, Psy* Christopher Turner; E*, EL**, Gm, M*, P*, H**, G*, C*, F, Psy* Vanessa Wallis; E, EL, M, H, G, Mu, C, B Theodore Wanstall; E*, EL*, Gm*, M**, P**, G**, A&DT**, C**, D&TRM** Callum Ward; E, EL, Gm, M*, P, Mu, C*, D&TRM, ICT Patrick Webb; E, EL, D&TRM, M, H, F&N, PE* Abby Wiffen; E, EL, Gm, M, H, G, F&N, A&DT, Psy Chalukya Wijewardena; E**, EL**, Sp*, M**, B**, H**, C**, P**, F**, Psy** Lucy Williams; E**, EL**, F**, M**, H**, G**, C**, P**, B** Harry Williamson; EL, D&TRM Jack Wilson; E, EL, D&TRM, M, B, ICT*, C, P Elisha Young; E**, EL**, F**, M**, P**, H**, C**, Gm**, A&D*, ICT*


Jasmine Clench; M** Daniel Crossley; M* Thomas Culshaw; M** Anna Dubois; M Andre Fougo; M* Roderick France; M** Oscar Gray; M** Laura Harriman; M** Yash Jaiswal; M* Ethan Jutsum; M* Jack Maile; M** Fraser McNab; M* James Missin; M** Charles Pindar; M** Nicholas Rayns; M** Josh Reardon; M** Jemima Schrem; M** Kyle Sheehan-Mclean; M** Oliver Short; M** Mathuri Sivakumar; M** Dylan Slow; M** Laura Temple; M** Charlotte Tunnard; M* Dominic Young; M**

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