Wisbech is a sum of all the people who live there

I have commented previously on Mrs Gillick’s characteristic diatribe on immigration and this time it is not so much the impact of immigration which needs to be addressed almost a decade on.

More so it is what do we do now. My position in the four years which I have been involved in Wisbech local politics is that there is no turning back. Whatever views you might hold on the rights and wrongs of the past we can only move forward.

I agree with much of the cause of the current situation but by no means are we living in a crisis situation. The nature of the town has indeed changed, and perhaps at a faster rate than previously, but change is a condition of human society.

Technology, trade, culture and politics rise and fall and with it so do our buildings, towns and the way we live.

As much about the nature of Wisbech has changed due to the shopping habits of the majority and the policies of Fenland Tories - building retail parks around the market towns, as resulting from immigration.

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Our local economy is unbalanced. We rely too heavily on industrial agriculture, food processing and now retail parks. The majority of these jobs are low-skilled, low-paid and many are seasonal.

It should be clear that small market towns do not hold sufficient population to meet this demand but instead of encouraging sustainable organic growth of SMEs Tories chose to continue to pursue the industrial solution - presumably on the basis that it removes a lot of planning and delivery of assessments and strategies (until things go wrong at least).

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Housing, education and health issues are directly related to the economic issues. Despite the lies perpetuated the majority of immigrants work, fewer as a percentage of population against British ever claimed benefits (and very few can now).

The taxes raised by these workers should have been recouped locally and spent appropriately they were not - this is not the fault of people going to work every day.

Much of what is written about drinking in the park, crime and anti-social behaviour is not an every day experience and is not by any means solely a migrant issue.

These are certainly not sticks with which you attack a whole community for the poor behaviour of the few. In my view just plain hateful is what it is.

So, despite vulgar and non-delivered threats from UKIP politicians to send them back those who really want to move our town forward will see that we are Wisbech was a statement of nothing but the political reality.

This town is a sum of all the people who live there - maybe it will take a generation before it is accepted but I know that there is a better Wisbech to come. There is no going back.


Victoria Road, Wisbech

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