Wisbech is desperate for more independent councillors - putting the town first

Do you care about Wisbech and feel you could do better than many current councillors?

Have you ever thought of becoming a councillor and wondered what’s involved but don’t like the conflict-politics which benefit no-one?

Have you ever thought about standing as an independent?

If your answer to the above is “yes” but need more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk it over with you as we believe Wisbech is urgently in need of care and attention.

We really do need more independent councillors - putting Wisbech first.

As a town or parish councillor, your time is given freely and meetings are held in the evenings.

As a district councillor you receive an annual allowance of about £4,500 to cover your costs plus travel allowance. Meetings tend to be held during the day.

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Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.


Independent councillors

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