Wisbech Labour Party calls for “one final survey” to veto preferred option for market place

WISBECH Labour Party has called for “one final survey” in a bid to persuade the town council to veto the part through traffic, part pedestrianisation plans for the market place.

Ann Purt, secretary, said the party had never supported this option and was even more concerned now that the market place “is under the control of the Tory dominated Wisbech Town Council”.

Ms Purt said the scheme now envisaged “was the worst option” for the town and people had always shown a preference for “proper, controlled pedestrianisation and NOT a return to legal parking and a return of traffic to the town centre”.

She argued that councillors had a duty to take the wishes of the people who elected them into account and not to ignore those wishes.

Ms Purt said Labour was concerned about the cost implications and called for the full costings to be published.

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“We call upon the town council not to ignore the wishes of Wisbech people and to conduct one final survey of people’s wishes for the market place.

“The wishes of Wisbech people should be paramount.”

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