Letter: Readers say town mayor step down after Covid breaches at his pub

Mayor of Wisbech Aigars Balsevics hosting a civic tea party last summer at Wisbech Castle.

Mayor of Wisbech Aigars Balsevics hosting a civic tea party last summer at Wisbech Castle. - Credit: ArchantWISBECH TOWN COUNCIL

Should mayor step down after Covid breaches

Doesn't deserve the right for business to go on as usual. 

He should have been stripped of the title regardless of when his term ends.

Absolutely disgraceful - bringing shame on our town.


Trying to defend his actions by stating he has raised money etc still does not wash.

I have donated to many charities as well, but if I broke the Covid rules at work I would be sacked for gross misconduct - no exceptions.

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And stating that I have raised money and done good for others outside work to my employers wouldn't change their stance.

You don't just put a pub full of people's lives at risk. The simple fact is that Elgood's are not going to take the two pubs away from him because they backed him with a solicitor or whatever Dadds was on the day of the hearing.

Elgood's need to take a long look at what they are promoting here.


It’s just not on at all. Appeal what exactly?

You got caught - do the decent thing, hand your keys back to Elgood's, leave the pub; in fact hand all three pub keys back and step down as mayor and lastly leave the councillor position too.

Wisbech deserves much better than it has. They are decent people being represented by those that are not.


Yes, he's supposed to be a role model and act with integrity.

That means abiding by the law. He's lucky he didn't receive a £10,000 fine.


Yes, and let us all have an end to this selfish individual and his stupidity.

How can we ever have any faith or trust in him ever again?

He has not abided by the law, obviously only cares about himself and certainly not for others safety.

He is a joke and has overstepped the mark.


Other organisers of events have been given or warned of a £10,000 fiine.

Why was he not done so?


If the mayor can't show leadership and role model behavior, then why is he even mayor.


If he is given a lifetime ban (which he has) how come he can be allowed to be the license holder of the other two pubs?

Also, he should have been fined £10,000 and stripped of his role as mayor.

This is the second time this man has been in the papers for breaking rules.

We don’t want people like this running our town as it is giving Wisbech a bad name.


He should have all the pubs taken away from him and being mayor.

He obviously doesn't care about the laws and thinks he can do whatever he likes.

He's a complete disgrace to the whole town and county.


The man is in the news for different things week in week out now.

To have him as our mayor is a complete joke and it's embarrassing.


Trust nobody 

I read with dismay at the breeder who had a puppy stolen.

I would like to offer some advice if I may, which might help avoid things like this from happening.

The first bit of advice is "trust nobody" and secondly, do NOT give your address to complete strangers.

There are, sadly, too many bad people in the world, who will steal from others.

Invest in a cheap IP camera. They can be had for as little as £50 and are easy to set up.

Secondly, when someone calls to inquire about the puppy, ask them questions, tell them they need to make an appointment and stick to the time.

Tell them that you have security cameras and will be photographed before they are invited in.

When they knock on the door, take their photo through a window, do *not* open the door until you have.

Those who mean harm, won't like this and might just leave right away.

Make sure you have someone with you, and if you invite the potential buyers into your home, lock the door behind them and put the key in your pocket.

If they want to grab and run they won't be able to. Do *not* hand over the puppy until you have the cash in your hand.

Tell them you need their details for the insurance and microchip.

This might seem too much effort to some, and others will accuse me of going over the top and telling me that I am 'sad' not to trust people, but not trusting people keeps you safe!

With the price of puppies being crazy right now, not only will the breeder lose thousands, but they will feel sick with worry.

It seems incredible to me that anyone would invite complete strangers into their home.

Perhaps being born and brought up in the army has made me very cautious and untrusting.

Bad people will want to steal from you. Don't make it easy for them.


The government’s distorted priorities

This government has some very distorted priorities. Their offer to nurses of just a 1% pay rise shows this.

They spent £22 billion on a test and trace system to avoid further lockdowns. Then they had two more lockdowns.

That system employed 2,500  private consultants. Some were paid more than £6000 a DAY.

Yet the Public Accounts Committee of MPs stated there was no clear evidence that this massive £22 billion cost had contributed to the reduction in coronavirus infection levels!

The government wants to spend £15 billion more on this ineffectual system - yet it took nearly a month to find the missing person from Brazil who slipped through the net by simply not filling in their form!

No one bothered to check! Where were the lucratively paid consultants when this happened?

All these billions are largely being handed to government cronies, (Dido Harding, in charge of test and trace,  is married to a Tory MP and went to school with the prime minister’s sister).

Yet there is not enough money to give NHS workers a decent pay rise?

The substantial private sector involvement in test and trace, is partly why it is so expensive and ineffective.

In stark contrast, the vaccine roll-out is carried out by GP surgeries and NHS staff familiar with the annual flu vaccination.

They have the database of patients who require vaccination, the expertise and the experienced staff.

The delays in lockdowns, the U-turns, the waste of money on inadequate PPE from inexperienced suppliers, came from the government.

The NHS have been on the receiving end of the 4.2 million Covid cases and is now working hard to fight back against Cornavirus.

Boris Johnson’s obedient Yes-men MPs were given a 3.1% pay rise last year, taking their salaries to £82,000.

Again in stark contrast to the nurses offer of 1%. MPs did not risk death fighting Covid!  

MPs have received over three times what the nurses have been offered - they are not the NHS heroes, daily putting their lives on the line.


Care workers must not be penalised

I am absolutely disgusted with those curmudgeons at the Supreme Court who has ruled that care workers should not be paid when sleeping on duty.

It would serve the care bosses right, who presumably initiated this action, plus other institutions of that ilk, if the workers just stayed at home and waited to be called out.

But, of course, this would mean they would still be out of pocket because if they were called out, it would incur extra expenses which would not be honoured.

Work to rule, or strike action, including public protests would be justified in my opinion.

It is not uncommon for various workers in other occupations to sleep on duty, like some fire-fighters, aircraft co-pilots, escort coach drivers, and even police offers, such as in New York.

This is to name just a few and all expect to be paid.

This blatant discriminating penny pinching must stop now!


I feel I have been mugged

We read weekly/daily on all versions of the ancient and modern styles of the information media its many themes of news. 

Many of us are following and will continue to follow the trail of the refusal of Cambs County Council to release into the public domain in full the FARMGATE REPORT as directed by the audit and accounts committee chairman.

As a county taxpayer, I feel that I have been mugged and should dial 999.

Unfortunately, there are too many people involved and the guilty group keeping their heads below the parapet praying the report will be shred.

Not one Tory councillor has dared to come out in favour of the report's release - ask your own county councillor where he/she stands.

One also has to note that the council's inhouse standards officers/solicitors have kept a low profile - makes one wonder why (fear or bullying).

Within the county, we could also add the Machiavelli surrounding the council's own company This Land. 

A company that apparently is bleeding out taxpayers money week by week.

If you have not followed either news item, it all make fascinating unclean reading and view ''You Tube'' zoom council meetings for entertainment.

Well, it is lockdown.