Wisbech Mayor’s attack on Independent ‘group’ is cowardly

HAVING lived in Wisbech for more than 20 years but for family reasons moved away recently, I was horrified to see belatedly the front page of June 3 headlined “Farmer’s strife”.

It may be a catchy headline but that a paper, which I had always found honest and reliable, should print such an unfounded allegation is a shock.

First, should a picture of a man in robes be the photograph to accompany a personal not council statement? I don’t think so.

And should not a responsible journalist explain exactly what the word ‘group’ means in this context and explain that the money mentioned is, I believe, the lowest amount paid?

This was a personal, and as I see it, cowardly attack on two people (the group) who have given their lives to the community and are the most socially responsible, hard working, dedicated people I have ever met.

How do I know? Apart from knowing them through going to the Hudson Leisure Centre and knowing some of the people they knew, they formed the hardest working members of the team dedicated to stop the deaths which were occurring outside my home on the stretch of the A1101.

We spent two years campaigning with petitions, a website and much more. Your newspaper and the BBC helped in this and we were very grateful.

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Maybe you should publish the picture of the team outside the accident blackspot and show a personal attack for what it is, cowardly, and with a picture of the perpetrator in full ceremonial robes, a mistake on the part of the newspaper.

A written apology and/or explanations would be good but whatever you do, please wee that the people attacked in this piece be valued. There are many people, I am sure, who have benefited from these two councillors in the short time they have been in office.

Michael and Virginia Bucknor are not people who hoodwink, they are people who give of themselves unstintingly.


St Botolph Lane

Orton Longueville


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