Wisbech Mayor’s attack on opposition councillors is ‘spiteful politicking’

I DON’T think I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet the Conservative Mayor of Wisbech, but his attack on opposition councillors on Fenland District Council is one of most ill timed, badly thought out and spiteful pieces of politicking I’ve had the misfortune to witness for a long time!

I realise that the arrogant Conservative self belief in their ‘divine right to govern’ has been severely bruised with the removal of their previous near monopoly.

Although they only received 60 per cent of the vote cast in this month’s elections, they still hold 85 per cent of the seats.

The hard fact is that only 18 per cent of the Fenland electorate actually voted Conservative. Perhaps this less than ringing endorsement should introduce a note of humility to Conservative voices.

However, ‘humility’ does not appear to form part of the vocabulary of the Mayor of Wisbech. Jonathan Farmer should regard his election as Mayor of Wisbech as an honour, not a platform.

To use that office to make cheap political points demeans him, demeans his Party, demeans the office of Mayor and demeans Wisbech.


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