Wisbech mum launches life saving fund raising campaign for herself after raising money for others for 12 years

Wisbech mum Linda Smith is fund raising for pioneering lfie saving treatment

Wisbech mum Linda Smith is fund raising for pioneering lfie saving treatment - Credit: Archant

A Wisbech mum has launched a fund raising campaign to give her a chance of beating liver cancer with pioneering treatment not available on the NHS.

Linda Smith has fund raised for others for 12 years as her way of celebrating beating breast cancer - but now it is her turn to ask for help.

Linda said: “In 2005 life was going well until I was given the devastating news that I had breast cancer. My whole world fell apart.

“I went through months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as a mastectomy, whilst staying strong.

“Eighteen months later I had beaten this awful disease, had a reconstruction and tried my best to put behind me the most traumatising experience nobody should ever have to go through.

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“I celebrated every year cancer free for the next 11 years, taking part in Race for Life and raising money for others in this situation.

“Almost 12 years to the day this horrific disease has hit me like a ton of bricks and returned but this time in my liver.

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“I have been given the devastating news that this time it’s terminal cancer. This has shattered me and my family into a thousand pieces as I want to be here see my husband Walter walk our daughter Lois down the aisle, Max taking his first steps into his career and hold my children’s children in my arms.

“I will not let this rip my family apart, they have all been through so much already and I will not loose hope.

“My family researched and found a treatment at Hammersmith hospital in London after local health authorities said there were no treatments available through the NHS.

“I was elated when the consultant said he could help. He tried to get it on the NHS but it can’t be done, it has to be private and this is a massive cost at such short notice.”

In 24 hours she raised £5,619 toward a £30,000 total. Visit her Go Fund Me page.

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