WISBECH: One person treated at scene after emergency services called to suspected carbon monoxide leak


- Credit: Archant

ONE person needed medical treatment after a suspected carbon monoxide leak in Wisbech.

The alarm was raised after the home owner’s carbon monoxide detector sounded.

Two fire crews from Wisbech were called to a possible carbon monoxide leak in Horseshoe Terrace, Wisbech, on Tuesday night.

The caller’s alarm was stating “danger - carbon monoxide” and control operators advised the caller to leave the property immediately.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property just before 7pm and identified a carbon monoxide leak from a boiler.

The gas supply was isolated and positive pressure ventilation fans (PPV) were used to ventilate the property.

A fire service spokesman said: “One casualty was treated at the scene by paramedics.”

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Crews returned to their stations by 8.05pm.

It is thought a faulty boiler was the cause of the leak.

Richard Dykes of the fire service said carbon monoxide can be more dangerous than normal gas.

“It’s a silent killer, you can’t smell it, you can’t see it,” he said.” You don’t know that your boiler, or your wood burning stove, or your barbeque is leaking the fumes into the air you breathe.

“A detector can warn you that it’s building up to a dangerous level and you’re at risk of death.”

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