Wisbech police launch poster campaign to target drink offenders in run-up to Christmas

POLICE are launching a poster campaign to spread awareness of Drink Banning orders (DBOs) in the run-up to Christmas.

Cambridgeshire Police are warning people of the potential punishment they can expect if caught committing offences whilst under the influence.

Fenland Magistrates can issue a DBO on conviction of an offence where alcohol is involved, and must consider it for any offence committed since November 1.

Wisbech Sgt Dave Bax said: “I want to try to get this message out that getting drunk and committing offences including assault, public disorder, criminal damage, drunk and disorderly - will see the police and its partners target you and your behaviour.”

He added: “Is it really worth getting a ban that could last up to two years, and will be public knowledge that you have an order?”

DBOs can exclude certain behaviours such as purchasing alcohol, drinking or being in possession of alcohol in public, entering individual or sets of licensed premises, congregating in groups and so on. A Breach could incur a fine of up to �2500 and images of offenders will be circulated to the media, local watch schemes, local pubs and off licences.

Sgt Bax said: “When in opposition, the current government stated that DBOs were a gimmick, but have since U-turned and continued the role out of conviction orders in 25 Local Justice Areas. The orders are only available via this route at Fenland court, and no other courts in Cambridgeshire have yet been allowed this procedure. We intend to make the most of it.

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We review CCTV, and accounts from officers, community support officers, pubs, clubs and off licences. We also routinely review custody records, and will always ask the court to consider an order.”

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