Wisbech pub officially reopens after 14-weeks of flood repairs

THE landlords of a Wisbech pub that flooded when a water main burst are celebrating the end of their 14-week nightmare with an official reopening party on Saturday night.

The discovering of five-feet of water in the cellar of the Three Tuns is still vividly etched in landlady Teresa Pope’s memory: “All I could see was water, and things floating about,” she said. “I cried for about 24 hours.

“I had three freezers full of food that I lost, along with a gymnasium and television, it was heart breaking. We have estimated the damage at around �100,000.”

Teresa was busy preparing Sunday lunches on August 19 when she was told the road outside had flooded. The road was closed to traffic, and later partially collapsed.

“The water main burst out in the road, and blew a hole in our cellar wall,” said Teresa. “We have six massive rooms downstairs that all filled with water.

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“Because of the damage to the cellar, the whole pub started to move, it was splitting apart, creaking and moving. We have just got the OK for that structural damage to be repaired.”

While the pub was closed, Teresa and landlord Roger Harrison had the bar and lounge of the pub decorated, and they are ready to welcome new and old customers to take a look at their new look premises and enjoy a free buffet on Saturday.

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“The lounge is beautiful, and everyone has complemented us on it,” said Teresa. “We are planning a great party to celebrate our reopening, all the work should be completed by Christmas.”

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