20 years since he shot an intruder, public meeting in Wisbech will discuss ‘Tony Martin: Target of Police Conspiracy?’

Tony Martin: 20 years after he shot an intruder, a campaign is under way to prove his innocence. A p

Tony Martin: 20 years after he shot an intruder, a campaign is under way to prove his innocence. A public meeting in Wisbech on Sunday will, say the organisers, introduce new evidence. Picture; SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant

Two men campaigning to prove Tony Martin innocent of manslaughter will speak at a public meeting in Wisbech on Sunday – almost 20 years to the day an intruder died at the farmer’s remote Fenland home.

Chris Schooling is a former UKIP candidate and chairman of the self styled Tony Martin Action Group and will be one of two speakers at the meeting.

The other will be author Brian Pead, who describes himself as an "investigative author" who believes he has sufficient evidence to prove Martin's innocence.

The two men have called a public meeting at the Orchard Tearoom, Redmoor Lane, Wisbech, and just three miles from where the shooting occurred.

Both men claim to have unearthed proof that Barras may not have died at Martin's home but could possible have been killed elsewhere, many miles from Wisbech.

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They say they have unearthed statements and evidence that will clear Martin who was originally jailed for murder but the charge dropped to manslaughter on appeal.

Paed is no stranger to controversy and once tried to prosecute every Fenland councillor in his support of a former town councillor threatened with enforcement action over a planning breach.

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Of his current crusade he said he had written an 800 page book outlining his case and he would put some of those issues to his audience at Wisbech on Sunday.

The meeting is from 2pm to 4pm and Mr Schooling said anyone wishing to attend could call him on 07832 483 545 to confirm.

"We are hopeful Tony will attend but he has been ill recently and it will be a last minute decision," said Mr Schooling.

Both men said they had the farmer's "full support" for their campaign.

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