Wisbech public transport on Lib Dem agenda - but what of the wanted taxi fare hike?

COUNCILLOR Dave Patrick and other Liberal Democrats are campaigning on the issue of public transport in Wisbech, according to their literature.

However, wearing his chairman of the Wisbech and District Hackney Carriage Drivers Association, he campaigned against Fenland District Council’s 5.5 per cent increase in taxi fares, not because he wanted to protect public transport costs but because the increase was not high enough.

So while the hard-working general public of Fenland struggle with higher petrol prices so they can go to work to pay their mortgages, some taxi drivers are trying to increase their fares.

And who pays for those higher fares – the same struggling public of Fenland (excluding of course the taxi drivers).

Cllr Patrick also complains that they may make as little of �80 per day – that’s a minimum of �20,000 a year based on five days a weeks and 50 weeks a year.

I am sure there are many people in Wisbech would love the chance to earn that amount of money and stay in the warmth of their cars.


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