Wisbech salon trials pioneering new Nintendo face training game

They call it the future of health and beauty. “Face Training”, a new Nintendo game which claims to provide the “ultimate natural facelift”, is currently being trialled at a salon near Wisbech.

Not one for orthodox gamers, Face Training offers customers the chance to exercise the eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, jaw and neck, strengthening the muscles of the face.

The process seems as bizarre as it is beneficial, with customers at Choye par Sharon salon in Gorefield giggling as they watch mirror images of themselves completing a whole host of tongue-twisting exercises.

Used long-term, the game is said to turn back the years. Used short-term it is likely to make you look a bit silly - as I found out on my visit to the salon.

Not a regular visitor to the world of beauty, I watched my own reflection with horror as the virtual instructor made me screw my face up in a series of hideous poses.

This was much to the amusement of salon-owner Sharon, who insisted I was toning various muscles I’d never heard of.

She said: “It certainly is a fun and relaxing game, which is easy to do and is suitable for anyone.”

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The game has also drawn praise from the UK’s top facial yoga expert, Danielle Collins.

She said: “We all know the benefits that exercise, massage and relaxation has on the body. The muscles in the face need similar treatment to those in the body.

“Face Training on the DS is the ultimate natural facelift and after just a few weeks, you will see the benefits inside and out.”

I will wait patiently to see the benefits of my brief flirt with facial yoga.

The exercises are bound to make you laugh at first, but with the aim of reducing wrinkles and restoring facial youthfulness it’s a definite option for Mum’s Christmas stocking.

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