Wisbech should have an independent Christmas lights committee - look at Chatteris and see what can be done

Councillor Steve Tierney was very brave to have raised the prospect of quality Christmas lights. However, why is this being organised by Wisbech Town Council?

There should be an independent Christmas lights team, supported by the town council, which would then be able to raise funds from businesses, other groups and the general public.

Why can’t the lights be designed and made in Wisbech and so keep the money local? The impressive village sign at Walpole St Andrew was designed and made in Wisbech, for example. Shells for the Olympic cauldron were also made in Wisbech.

Perhaps the chamber of commerce, the Round Table, Rotary Club, the Lions and other groups could take the lead and set up an independent lights committee? The town council could then support this group with core funding.

Quality Christmas lights are a great idea. Look at Chatteris and see what can be done.

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