Having fun the key ingredient for superbike star Lewis

Lewis Lakey of WIsbech in superbike action

Lewis Lakey is hoping to progress his career after competing in his first British Superbike Championship race in the junior supersport class at Snetterton. - Credit: Supplied/Kirsty Lakey

The mother of a superbike rider hoping to one day reach the world stage believes seeing him continue having fun will remain the ultimate goal. 

Lewis Lakey of Wisbech debuted at the British Superbike Championship (BSB) in the junior supersport class at Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk last weekend.

The event was Lewis’ first BSB outing and his first competing at the highest level in his class.

“We’re just trying to keep it fun for him, hoping he enjoys it; that’s the main goal,” Kirsty Lakey, Lewis’ mum, said.  

“Whilst he’s enjoying it, the better he gets.” 

Lewis rode at the Norwich-based track as a wildcard for Team Evergreen on the more powerful Kawasaki Ninja 400, having impressed with Thundersport GB.

Lewis Lakey British Superbike Championship debut

Lewis Lakey (left) is hoping to continue riding in the British Superbike Championship next season. - Credit: Supplied/Kirsty Lakey

It was a landmark moment for the 16-year-old who started to compete as a superbike rider in 2018. 

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“We got to know people from the area that their son does superbikes and wanted to find something for Lewis to get into,” Kirsty said. 

“At two-years-old, he could tell us every car in the car park. We gave superbikes a try and he clicked to it really quickly. 

Lewis Lakey of Wisbech in superbike action

Lewis Lakey is hoping to, one day, reach the top after making it into the British Superbike Championship. - Credit: Colin Port Images

“We couldn’t afford to put him into too many rounds so he didn’t get that much time on the track.  

“But every time he was out, he was able to be up there with those that were out more often.” 

After gaining his Auto Cycle Union licence in February, Lewis has been able to ride at different events, but it has been difficult to gain support off the track. 

Lewis Lakey of Wisbech looks to make strides in British Superbike Championship

Lewis Lakey first rode a superbike in competition in 2018 and is looking to continue making strides in his career. - Credit: Supplied/Kirsty Lakey

Kirsty said sponsorship has sometimes been hard to come by for her son, who will compete in qualifying sessions before racing over Saturday and Sunday. 

The aim now is for Lewis to continue with BSB, in a bid to reach the Superbike World Championship. 

“To see he believes in himself, that is worth every moment to see him smiling; it makes everything worthwhile,” Kirsty said.

Lewis Lakey British Superbike Championship rider from Wisbech

Lewis Lakey made his British Superbike Championship debut in the junior supersport class at Snetterton over the weekend. - Credit: Colin Port Images


“I know there are more experienced riders on the track, and Lewis is managing to be there or thereabouts with some of those riders. 

“We’re really proud of how far he’s come in such a short time with such little time on the bike.”