Wisbech teenager released from hospital after taking ‘legal highs’ as police seize 95 suspect packages from local shop

Legal highs.

Legal highs. - Credit: Archant

A teenager has been released from hospital in Kings Lynn after losing consciousness from taking a ‘legal high’.

Police are continuing their investigation and have raided a second hand shop in Wisbech and seized 95 sachets and sent them for analysis.

Det Inspector Dave Murphy said an investigation was ongoing and Cambridgeshire police remained concern, like many other forces, at the number of deaths from so called ‘legal highs’.

“Across the country at least one death a week can be attributed to these,” he said.

He said that only last month there was a further seizure of ‘legal highs’ – New Psychoactive Substances in the town; when the results came back they were shown to contain elements of cannabis.

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Police would continue to raise awareness locally of their dangers, he said.

Det Insp Murphy said Cambridgeshire police was studying the affect of a campaign in Lincoln where the city council is preparing to ban the use of psychoactive substances in the city centre. Lincoln has become a magnet for users- one in five calls nationally to police about their use come from the city.

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The 19 year-old youth who fell ill in Wisbech this week was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn, and remained there overnight after losing consciousness.

Det Insp Murphy said: “These substances can be highly dangerous and people risk their life by taking them. “Thankfully, this teenager’s condition was not life-threatening; however we would strongly urge people not to consume drugs of this type as they are not tested or approved in any way.”

He said Wisbech was well placed to tackle the use of ‘legal highs’ with strong support from local councils and other agencies.

He said many young people take them without realising that each ‘production’ is likely to have a different chemical make-up.

“Young people can clearly not be certain what they are swallowing,” he said. “And those selling them irresponsibly are causing problems.”

The shop owner who stocked the 95 packets is being quizzed: last month’s seizure was from a private house.

The Centre for Social Justice show police incidents involving legal highs have increased in many parts of England since 2010.

Lincolnshire, for instance, recorded the highest rate of incidents involving ‘legal highs’, some 820 in 2014.

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