Wisbech town clerk hits back claiming protests from handful of traders “who just do not want to follow the rules”

TOWN clerk Erbie Murat hit back tonight in the row over disposal of rubbish on market days claiming a minority were to blame for escalating the row.

“I’m afraid I am inclining to the view that there may be one or two traders who just do not want to follow the rules,” he said.

“They think that if they shout loud enough they will get their own way.”

He added: “It’s a shame really.”

Mr Murat was speaking after a second trader came forward to protest about changes being introduced following the transfer of the market place from Fenland Council to Wisbech Town Council.

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Jackie Hammond, whose family has run a fruit and veg stall on Wisbech market for 75 years, said she had “stood on the same pitch since I was 10 and I am 60 on my next birthday. But I have never known it quite like it is now.

“The attitude seems to be to get rid of us as quick as you can- let’s end Wisbech market now.”

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Jackie said the �350 a month she paid for one day a week was “an incredible amount of money but at least it has always included removal of waste and electricity. But to say we are responsible for now removing our own waste is ridiculous. It even says in my contract to put all in the rubbish in the receptacle provided. That’s what we’ve always done and the rubbish has always been removed.”

Mr Murat said that he had spoken to a local restaurateur who told him that Fenland Council no longer removed their rubbish “so clearly this change by FDC is not constrained to Wisbech Market Traders.

“Also I have had a phone call just now from one of our market stall holders who has been trading for over 30 years who is fully supportive of what we are trying to achieve and appreciates that we will be implementing the market regulations and improving and developing the Market Place.

“His name is Paul Woodruff and he runs the fruit and veg stall on the Thursday Market. He will be making alternative arrangements for his trade waste disposal.”

Councillor Dave Patrick said: “We should be open for business and encouraging traders to the town not trying to what seems like getting rid.

“The town council needs the rent from those traders to maintain the market place or if the traders leave will the maintenance costs be foisted onto the Wisbech Town Council Taxpayer who already saw a 30% plus rise in their precept this year?”

He added: “This is yet another fiasco that must deeply disturb the residents of Wisbech.”

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