Wisbech Town Council should be promoting town centre, not the new out-of-town Tesco store

I see that Wisbech Town Council leader David Oliver, in his inimitable style, has made a real gaff by waxing lyrical about how the new Tesco in Wisbech will benefit town centre shops.

I am fairly certain that Tesco has its own massive publicity machine. I thought Cllr Oliver’s job, particularly in relation to supporting local businesses, was to promote the town centre, local businesses and the local people who are dependent on us to make a living in the town centre.

Also, he tells us that the town centre has benefited from the town centre scheme - well yes it has, but that was implemented by me nearly two years ago and Wisbech Town Council has done nothing with it since.

We negotiated £25,000 to be spent on the town centre to improve it, set up the parking and create partial pedestrianisation. When is this work going to be finished?

Surely it is not beyond the realms of possibility for the town council to organise events every week in the town centre to attract people into the town, rather than wait for the dubious knock-on effect of the new Tesco store.

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Wisbech has an excellent array of shops and eating places in the town centre - let’s make the most of them.


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